Products :
At Bridge Computing Inc, we always recommend the most powerful products which best meet your needs.

AVG anti-virus solutions :
AVG is a leader in anti-virus protection. May you have only one computer, or a whole network to protect, AVG offers a wide range of powerful and flexible products.
Backup solutions :
Your data needs to be protected in order to be certain to survive any situation that may arise. Using the best backup solution is a must !
Network hardware and software :
Your project requires obsolete equipment to be replaced ? Your network needs to be expanded ? We can recommend and provide you with computers, servers, software and other quality network components.
Other solutions :
SuiteFollowing a consultation to evaluate your current systems, we will be able to recommend and install any other solution that may fill your needs and provide you with more performant and safe systems.

And because we cannot list here every solution we can offer, we recommend that you contact-us !

You can also visit the list of diverse services we offer.

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