At Bridge Computing Inc. we are investing all of our energy into offering you quality professionnal services.

If your next project is only an idea, or if you are not yet certain of what could meet your needs, contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you

In order to help you maximize your IT investment, we offer the following services :

Consultation :
If you require advice, need to estimate the impact of a project, or obtain an objective opinion, call us and benefit from our experience.
Installation and configuration of hardware and software :
Do you need assistance to install a new peripheral or to integrate a new management software into your network infrastructure ? We can help.
Network and server management :
Your network is at the very heart of your business operations. How can a poorly engineered network affect you ? Do not wait and find out the hard way ! Contact us !
Infrastructure virtualization :
Certain applications require dedicated servers. But you can save by optimizing your infrastructure by using virtual servers. Get the same benefits at a fraction of the costs.
Anti virus, security and Internet :
Many threats do enter your network through your Internet connexion. But it is always surprising to see just how many businesses ignore the vulnerabilities from within ! Let us help you to minimize the risks !

Backup solutions :
Your data needs to be adequately protected against failures, corruption and accidental deletion. Do you have a backup solution ? If you are not abolutely certain that you are well protected, act now and contact us.

Hosting :
You have had a web site for a long time and emails are now part of your daily routine. But you still hesitate to choose a reliable hosting provider ? We can help.
Support and user assistance :
When you are faced with an unforseen problem, may it be an error message or a more serious failure, we can help. On site or remotely, you can count on us to find a solution !

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